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Allen Patten


A rejection of traditional politics and mass religion are the origin of the first modernism and part of the second modernism, but a new modernism will have the added objective of re-creating the whole human being from the fragments of our 21st century Myopticon. In the simplest terms, when bankers and corporations own all the ponies in the race you do not have democracy you have corporatism. Corporatism is socialism, the two terms are interchangeable and neither have anything to do with a proletarian society. Military industrial complex and military dictatorship are exactly the same thing, that is, a corporate civil society. Central bankers and their corporations own the centre, left and right and the only politic they ever fear (past present or future) is true democratic government; for the people by the people. Central bankers and their corporations prefer monarchs and generals, totalitarian dictators and concentration camp democracy. For…

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