Is Mythological. Is Nada. Is Transmutation.


Bulrushes ( scirpus ) are tall stems found in shallow waters near shorelines and wet meadows or bogs. They can reach a height of up to 1.5 m. Their tiny white flowers are found in clusters at the top of stems.  Leaves are often lacking but, on species that do have leaves they are long and stem sheathing. Bulrushes are pioneer species in dried up lakes or ponds and they bind soil making it easier for other plants to move into an area. Bulrush stalks can be cut in short lengths and boiled to make fibers for paper mash as well as usefully woven to make a variety of things. “The Bulrush Helps The Pond” some say.

Cat Tails ( typha_latifolia ) are also called Bull Rush ( two l’s and two words  in some places) and share similar habitat.They can be as much as a meter taller but, otherwise are very similar species. The root is an analgesic for mosquito bites. The pollen can be gathered and used as a high protein flour. Scirpus does not possess the long fuzzy female seed bunch from which “Cat Tails” derive their name.


Thule mats.

Typha was a food plant in Europe 30,000 years ago and has about 300 times the  protein of wheat. Hell would not be invented for another 26,000 years or so.

Before Kings there were no religions, before religions no heaven or hell. No one disagrees that the love of money is the root of all evil and it’s also true that “all hell breaks loose” when people forget their humanity and call themselves angels. Before heaven and hell there was the bulrush and after too we think.




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