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Activist Art: Aboriginal longing and loss

Canadian Art Junkie

Nadia Myre Scar ProjectThe award of this year’s Sobey Art Award to Aboriginal artist Nadia Myre underscores the country’s rising respect for First Nations activist art, a powerful multidisciplinary genre that reflects injustices experienced by Canada’s Indigenous people. (Above: From Myre’s Scar Project, selected for both the 2011 Montréal Biennale and 2012 Sydney Bienniale)

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Broken Light

Broken Light Photography Collective

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

For any who stumble here inspiration and exploration can be found @:

Broken Light: A Photography Collective


“Broken Light’s main goal is to create a safe and accepting environment where photographers of all levels who are affected by mental health issues can display their work, as well as inspire one another to keep going and keep creating, despite the dark or scary places in which they may find themselves.”


You are invited to create art for the site or come visit whenever you may be feeling low, hopeless, or just need something positive on which to focus. You will see, and show others, that you are not alone, no matter how you feel. If you have a mental health issue yourself, or have friends or family who do, then you qualify to be a contributor. You may also contribute if you are someone who helps other people who may be struggling, such as a volunteer, humanitarian, or mental health professional. See the submission tab for details.”




Art an Investment for the Future?

$1,252. per sq. in.

Writing Art [ Investment & Exhibitions ]

‘Over a given period, we learn, “General Motors has done a little better than Cézanne, but not so well as Renoir.” A Vermeer recently sold turns out to be worth “$1,252 per square inch,”, as against the land on which the House of Morgan on Wall Street stands – valued at only $2.10 per square inch … art is not, after all, what we thought it was; in the broadest sense it is hard cash.’

– Leo Steinberg (1920-2011), Other Criteria, 1972

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Moccasin art project honors missing women

Canadian Art Junkie

wwos-headerThese are moccasin vamps.  More than 1,700 have been created around kitchen tables and at beading circles for Walking With our Sisters, a traveling, commemorative art project to draw attention to the hundreds of native women in Canada murdered or missing in the last 20 years.

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Apocalypse Evolution: The Four Horsemen

Apocalypse Art

Low Flying – Norman Catherine (South Africa)

In this artist’s words:  Low-flying represents a visionary daydream/nightmare of carnivorous creatures, reminiscent of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse,

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Allen Patten


A rejection of traditional politics and mass religion are the origin of the first modernism and part of the second modernism, but a new modernism will have the added objective of re-creating the whole human being from the fragments of our 21st century Myopticon. In the simplest terms, when bankers and corporations own all the ponies in the race you do not have democracy you have corporatism. Corporatism is socialism, the two terms are interchangeable and neither have anything to do with a proletarian society. Military industrial complex and military dictatorship are exactly the same thing, that is, a corporate civil society. Central bankers and their corporations own the centre, left and right and the only politic they ever fear (past present or future) is true democratic government; for the people by the people. Central bankers and their corporations prefer monarchs and generals, totalitarian dictators and concentration camp democracy. For…

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