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10 Shows to See in 2014

From Canadian Art

It’s a new year, with lots of fantastic new art shows to look forward to. Here are some the exhibitions we most want to see in the next 12 months, including Peter Doig in Montreal, Douglas Coupland in Vancouver, Amalie Atkins in Regina and more.

Canadian Art web site.


Flisak Contemporary

Cube Challenge coming up at Flisak Contemporary Gallery

Dec 13 2013

Satellite Exhibits

Bulrush Gallery satellite exhibits around Victoria B.C.

Allen Patten

Current Satellite Exhibits: New Modern

Cook St. Moka House Victoria, Nov. 01 to 30

Street Side Espresso 714 fort St. Victoria, Nov 01 to 30


Modern Art Revival

New Modernist

Modern art revisited and perhaps required.

Let’s say 1850 to 1950 for the sake of symmetry and brevity and let others theorize, for now, about conception and inkling of conception along with the details of the enlightenment on one end and the various trailing edge influences after 1950 to the present on the other. Let us also accept, for the time being at least, that the birth of Alice Pleasance Liddell in 1852 and the first hand written gift of Alice’s Adventure Under Ground in 1864 stand as a first gate post, a small distance prior to the “first great war,” for the modern art being revisited here.  More here. Now the beginning of the end of modernism can be marked with a second gate post by that other adventuring, blue dress wearing girl Dorothy Gale over the rainbow in Oz. Though written and published near the time of Alice in wonderland (under land) its film adaptation in 1939 marked the beginning of the end of modern art as the term is taken to mean herein. More on Alice and Dorothy later. Modernism was a perfect fit for growing anti imperial, pro democratic sentiment before, during and after, the first great war.

New modern, modernist art revival

Snowden’s  NSA “disclosures have fuelled debates over mass surveillancegovernment secrecy, and the balance between national security and information privacy.” Perhaps they will lead to policy reform and more government oversight as though some actual democratic process had begun. Has a democratic process begun? Is there a lesser democratic evil?

Glenn Greenwald told Brent Bambury, host of CBC Radio’s Day 6.

“There are many, many, many more significant documents about Canadian surveillance and partnership with the NSA that will be reported and, I think, will be quite enlightening for the people of Canada.”
Is Canada a democratic country?
Is there a need for a new modern, (modernist) art revival capable of articulating what major media outlets will not?

Reflection on a Glial Cell

Reflection on a Glial Cell
Editors’ Roundtable
by Marlena Donohue – See more at:

“Now this is not a science journal; I am fully aware that I am writing this for a general audience. My point is that we too often and too loosely invoke false oppositions like theory/discourse vs. art history vs. formal artifact as if these were separable compartments. The brain — like consciousness and hence like experience and creative endeavor itself — turns out to be very rhizomic, frisky, unruly and naturally cross-pollinated terrain, where language and perception about art through time, plus the ideas that have accumulated as language and truth bleed freely between each other. – See more at:”


A new modernism.