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New modern, modernist art revival

Snowden’s  NSA “disclosures have fuelled debates over mass surveillancegovernment secrecy, and the balance between national security and information privacy.” Perhaps they will lead to policy reform and more government oversight as though some actual democratic process had begun. Has a democratic process begun? Is there a lesser democratic evil?

Glenn Greenwald told Brent Bambury, host of CBC Radio’s Day 6.

“There are many, many, many more significant documents about Canadian surveillance and partnership with the NSA that will be reported and, I think, will be quite enlightening for the people of Canada.”
Is Canada a democratic country?
Is there a need for a new modern, (modernist) art revival capable of articulating what major media outlets will not?

Lord Mayor of London


“Lord Mayor of the City of London Roger Gifford was in Jakarta on Oct. 10, 2013, hoping to build ties with the capital.

When asked about his views on Indonesia’s economy and economic policies, Gifford praised moves by Indonesian authorities — especially the policies aimed at avoiding “bubbles” in the country.”

What’s the big deal?


Professionalization is killing art

Come in to my “practice” and say ahh…

Professionalization is killing art :: Valentina Tanni


Barry McGee

I.C.A. Boston

This mid-career survey of influential San Francisco–based artist Barry McGee provides an opportunity to explore two decades of the artist’s formal and thematic development.VIEW SLIDESHOW

 Barry McGee began exhibiting his art in the late 1980s, not in a museum or gallery, but on his home streets of San Francisco. At that time the city was reeling from a lackluster economy and the scourge of the AIDS crisis, and citizens often took to the streets in protest and to raise awareness of societal woes. Inspired by this activism and the more politicized forms of protest graffiti and signage perpetrated by politically minded groups, as well as a tight-knit community of fellow taggers and the burgeoning hardcore music scene in San Francisco.

McGee developed as a graffiti artist, often under the tag name “Twist.” Deploying a visual vocabulary that borrows elements from graffiti, comics, hobo art, sign painting, and other sources, McGee’s imagery simultaneously celebrates and critiques his diverse Mission District neighborhood.

Belmore, Monahan & Barbeau Among 2013 GG Winners


Rebecca Belmore, Ayumee-aawach Oomama-mowan: Speaking to Their Mother 1991–96/2008 Courtesy Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff Centre / photo Sarah Ciurysek (Image 1/24)

“”The first female First Nations artist to represent Canada at the Venice Biennale, a sound artist and composer who has turned public spaces into instruments, and a member of the groundbreaking Automatiste abstract-painting movement are among the recipients of $25,000 Governor General’s Awards in Visual and Media Arts this year.””